Why Green Book should win the best picture Oscar

Lost amid the film’s alarming fall from grace is the fact that, at its core, it offers a subtle and challenging social messageThe Favourite, Black Panther, Roma and more: read the rest of our best picture Oscar hustings‘Should” as in “deserves to”? Or “should” as in “has the chance to”? Semantics aside, none of this year’s best picture nominees have had such a fall from grace as Green Book, which – after its debut at the Toronto film festival – looked to have all the attributes of a solid-gold awards-season success.

With a top-notch cast, empathetic film-making and a hugs-all-round message that everyone could get behind, it looked like one of those gets-you-by-the-throat liberal juggernauts, this year’s Hidden Figures maybe, or Spotlight.But then, like a wiseguy fitted with a concrete overcoat, Green Book’s chances sank like a stone.

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