Why Robert De Niro and Joaquin Phoenix Didn’t Get Along on ‘Joker’

Todd Phillips’ 2019 comic book movie Joker is either a wonderful homage to the work of Martin Scorsese or a complete ripoff of the great filmmaker’s work, depending on which movie fan you ask.

The film draws heavy inspiration from Scorsese’s classic crime movies Taxi Driver and The King of Comedy, and there’s certainly a point at which “homaging” something goes a little too far.

Although Joker may have rubbed some Scorsese fans the wrong way with how it completely reimagines elements of the director’s classic films, Joker‘s credibility skyrocketed due to the involvement of Scorsese’s most frequent recurring collaborator, Robert De Niro.

Although it was great to see De Niro involved in a new project that paid tribute to his most iconic roles, the Academy Award-winning actor didn’t necessarily get along with Joker’s star Joaquin Phoenix.

Arthur Fleck may have a lot in common…

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