Willem Dafoe Was Surprised To Be Asked Back For Spider-Man: ‘It’s Always A Little Difficult When You Die In A Movie’

Marvel movies tend to kill off villains like they’re going out of style.

It’s like they operate by a reverse “Dark Knight” formula: “You either die a villain, or you live long enough to see yourself become the hero.” “Spider-Man: No Way Home” tweaks this approach by plucking bad guys from the multiverse and having Spidey (Tom Holland) attempt to reform them.

He has a tough time with Green Goblin, the evil split personality of Norman Osborn, who still holds a strong grip over Osborn’s disoriented, reality-hopping mind.It’s been 20 years now since Willem…The post Willem Dafoe Was Surprised to Be Asked Back for Spider-Man: ‘It’s Always a Little Difficult When You Die in a Movie’ appeared first on /Film.

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