With ‘Hocus Pocus’ Right Behind ‘Tenet,’ It’s Another Weird Box-Office Weekend

As Regal Theaters in the U.S.

and U.K.

parent Cineworld weigh closing their cinemas, this weekend’s box office offered little encouragement as this weekend’s top 10 came to about $8.2 million, and could be $10 million-$11 million for all films.

That’s down from $9.6 million for last weekend’s top 10, which saw about $12 million overall.

By comparison: This weekend in 2019, with the opening of “Joker,” brought in $150 million overall.“Tenet,” by far the biggest contributor to domestic returns since it opened a month ago ,held well again, down 21 percent with $2.7 million.

It has reached $45.1 million domestic so far, for $307 million worldwide.The only country that is not reliant on “Tenet” is China, where local titles have driven the grossed to over $1 billion in the last six weeks.

This weekend (a holiday there) showed two titles both gross over $150 million with “My People My Homeland” and the animated “Jiang Ziya.

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