‘Wolfgang’ Review: A Savory Documentary Portrait of Wolfgang Puck, the Defining Celebrity Chef

There’s a good story in “Wolfgang” that captures how a chef goes with the flow.

It was a bustling night at Spago (the only kind of night Spago had in the ’80s), and in walked Joan Collins, at the apex of her “Dynasty” fame.

She always ordered one of Wolfgang Puck’s most popular dishes: smoked salmon on a brioche.

But all the brioche was gone, and Puck didn’t want to face the wrath of Alexis.

So he improvised.

He cooked a pizza without tomato sauce and spread dill cream on it, covering it with smoked salmon and topping it with dollops of caviar.

Voilà! A Spago classic was born.That’s an anecdote to make you hungry, which happens a lot in “Wolfgang,” a Disney Plus documentary that tells Wolfgang Puck’s story, and does it justice, in a crisp light 78 minutes.

As it happens, the Pizza

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