20 Years Ago, Republican Senators ‘All Went Nuts’ for the Xenophobic ‘X-Men’ Villain

X-Men” is celebrating its 20th anniversary this week and one of the most revealing articles marking the occasion comes courtesy of Inverse, which spoke to actor Bruce Davison about starring in the comic book blockbuster as the villainous Senator Robert Kelly.

Davison’s character is a xenophobic and anti-mutant politician who wants to pass the Mutant Registration Act in order to ban mutant children from schools.

The actor tells Inverse the fear-mongering and genocidal Senator Kelly made fans of out real Republican congressmen after the release of “X-Men.”“I was spending a lot of time in Washington with the Creative Coalition campaigning for the arts, and they would only send me into the Republican offices because the Republicans would all go nuts over Senator Kelly,” Davison said.

“It was great, talking to [then Kansas senator Sam] Brownback and his people about, ‘Oh, yeah, Senator Kelly.

I can identify with this guy.’”Davison said Brownback

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