Actors We Want To See In A Green Lantern Remake

In 2011, the silver screen debut of Green Lantern landed like a thud instead of soaring like a triumph.

The film was dismissed both by critics and wider audiences; one of the more positive reviews was Roger Ebert’s middling praise, “[‘Green Lantern’] intends to be a sound-and-light show, assaulting the audience with sensational special effects.

If that’s what you want, that’s what you get.”Time hasn’t been any kinder to “Green Lantern.” Star Ryan Reynolds has poked fun at it in both of his subsequent “Deadpool” movies.

“Green Lantern” was conceived as the beginning of a larger DC Comics film franchise, meant to rival the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Instead, its hero has been persona non grata on film since.

Green Lantern is usually a staple of the Justice League but in both versions of that film, the only Lantern who showed up was a cameo.There have been attempts at a second shot,

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