AFI Fest Film Review: Sandra Bullock in ‘Bird Box’

When it comes to the movie “Jaws,” there’s a myth so often repeated that hardly anyone stops to question it anymore: The story goes that because Spielberg couldn’t get his giant mechanical shark to work, he was forced to shoot around it, resulting in a more effective film.

That’s true up to a point.

Sharks are scary, and the mere suggestion of one — coupled with the sight of a giant fin slicing through water, menacing p.o.v.

shots, and the most menacing score ever written — is certainly more frightening than the sight of a malfunctioning rubber dummy.

But there are countless examples, from Freddy Krueger to the clown from “It,” of horror-movie nightmares that are terrifying precisely because we do see them.And then there’s “Bird Box,” a not-inexpensive Netflix thriller which pushes things to the other extreme, conjuring some kind of deadly phenomenon the

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