Amid Theater Chaos, Indie Films ‘Unhinged’ and ‘Fatima’ Forge Ahead

Theaters and distributors are locked in a dirty dance that could have serious repercussions down the line.

Without new movies to drive audiences to theaters, the question is, why pay the huge costs of reopening? That’s why the world’s largest theater chain, AMC, is moving back its relaunch from July 31 to “mid-to-late August”, while Cinemark is expected to open 75 theaters next weekend.A stateside “Tenet” release, wavers in limbo, as Warner Bros.

will soon announce its first overseas bookings.

AMC, for example, states that “approximately one-third of all AMC cinemas in Europe and the Middle East are already open and are operating normally.”Which leaves two indie movies prepared to open in American theaters in August, as soon as the chains will let them.

Picturehouse has already mounted a series of pop-up parking lot premieres including Miami and Los Angeles for Marco Pontecorvo’s Catholic-themed drama “Fatima,” starring

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