Apex Predator review – chipper Bruce Willis is getting hunted for kicks

Cheap and cheerless sci-fi action thriller pits cunning prisoner Willis against wealthy hunters in dreary genre retreadA mutant mashup of Squid Game, The Hunger Games and Suicide Squad, this cheap and cheerless sci-fi action film posits a future wherein wealthy hunters come to a remote island to pursue and kill human targets foolishly hoping for a big win if they survive.Apex, the company that runs the show, is represented by a hologram hostess named West (Alexia Fast), who has a posh British accent as if it’s the mid-1990s when that was still a signifier of evil.

When one of Apex’s most ruthless but regular customers, multi-trillionaire Rainsford (Neal McDonough), complains that the prey have become too easy, West brings in Malone (Bruce Willis), a prisoner so notorious for his cunning and ferocity he’s been kept in solitary confinement for years.

Despite this treatment, Malone

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