Apple Taps Zhang Meng for Chinese New Year Film ‘The Comeback’

Apple has tapped mainland Chinese director Zhang Meng for “The Comeback,” a heartwarming film that is releasing in time for the Lunar New Year holidays.

It was shot entirely using the latest iPhone devices.The company’s Chinese New Year movie tradition is now into its fifth edition.

Apple’s 2021 film “Nian” was shot by “The Farewell” director Lulu Wang.“The Comeback,” which weighs in at 23 minutes (watch above or on YouTube), is a multi-genre movie about making a movie.

It mixes up Hollywood sci-fi, traditional Kung Fu action and nostalgic feel-good comedy.

Apple says it is “set to inspire and encourage everyone to never stop believing in their dreams — even if that dream is as far away as Mars.”The new film also serves as a showcase for the video capabilities of the latest iPhone.

These include stabilization, slo-mo, time-lapse and Dolby Vision capture and edit.

Zhang and director

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