Aqua aerobics! Awkward sex! Justin Bieber! The best movie moments of 2021

Guardian writers discuss their favourite bits from some of the year’s finest films, from In the Heights to The Power of the Dog to Licorice PizzaWhen I say I missed the cinema, specifically I meant I miss seeing musicals on the big screen.

While Jon M Chu’s In the Heights was made before the pandemic, his commitment to the supremacy of the production number delivered what our eyes were craving.

Naturally, the film opens up the musical’s theatre staging, and it opens with a vast ensemble song of escalating excess, but it’s the 96,000 routine, about a third of the way in, which made the biggest splash and proved the director’s commitment to Technicolor extravagance by way of Busby Berkeley, aqua aerobics and gurning contortionists.

Aptly, it’s a song about bragging and wish-fulfilment, in which the cast speculate on how they’d spend a lottery windfall.

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