‘Barbie’ Set Construction Caused an International Paint Shortage, Says Production Designer: ‘The World Ran Out of Pink’

With a few mystifying teasers and less than two months until the premiere of the live-action “Barbie” film, audiences still don’t know exactly how the film will unfold.

But the production team has started to reveal insight into the film — including how they caused an international pink paint shortage.In a recent Architectural Digest profile with production designer Sarah Greenwood, set decorator Katie Spencer and director Greta Gerwig, the group explain that they set out “to capture what was so ridiculously fun” about Barbie’s world, but especially that of Architectural Digest’s subject: Barbie’s Dreamhouse.“I wanted the pinks to be very bright, and everything to be almost too much,” Gerwig stated.

She shared that “the ‘kid-ness’ was paramount” — evoking the feeling of never forgetting “what made [her] love Barbie” as a young girl.“Why walk down stairs when you can slide into your pool? Why trudge up…

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