Barry Season 4 Episode 8 Review: The Best Directed Show On TV Says Goodbye

Ok, everyone, let’s breathe.

For some, there may be more no more compelling show on TV right now than the other big HBO series that wrapped up tonight, “Succession.” But for many of us, the show in question is “Barry,” the hybrid of dark comedy and suspense thriller that has leaned quite heavily on the latter part of that hybrid in its fourth and final season.

Said season has now come to a close, and so now we’re left with the pieces of what “Barry” left behind.In full transparency, I went into “wow,” the finale of “Barry” with two questions on my mind: would Barry (Bill Hader) die, and would his son John (Zachary Golinger) survive? The previous episode gave us quite the cliffhanger: Barry had escaped the makeshift prison in the garage of Jim Moss (Robert Wisdom) to find that NoHo Hank (Anthony Carrigan) had abducted Sally (Sarah Goldberg…

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