Be Good or Be Gone review – sharp Dublin crime thriller with deadpan charm

Criminal cousins try to rebuild their lives in Cathal Nally’s likably quirky, low-budget debut featureThis ultra-low-budget feature about working-class cousins on temporary release from Dublin’s Mountjoy prison feels a bit like the sort of sketchy, acoustic-sharp Irish black comedy that Lenny Abrahamson or Martin McDonagh (from the In Bruges period) made in their early years, before they went electric and found mega-fame Stateside directing the likes of Room and Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri.

That’s a high compliment, and possibly a teensy bit more than Be Good or Be Gone deserves, given it’s a smidge trite and over-the-top in places – but it definitely has spark.Its strongest suit is the chemistry between Les Martin (who also co-wrote the script with Paul Murphy) and impish master of deadpan Declan Mills, who play Ste and Weed respectively They’re ordinary types from Dublin’s rougher zones who,

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