Black Adam Tops The Box Office With 67 Million, But Ticket To Paradise Is The Real Winner

It was the weekend the movie industry has been looking towards ever since August brought on a surprisingly dry end of summer at the box office.

Heck, it had mostly been dry until “Smile” opened surprisingly big earlier this month, followed by a good opening weekend for “Halloween Ends” last week.

But this past weekend finally saw Dwyane Johnson’s DC superhero film “Black Adam” debut after spending well over a decade in development hell.

Once again, superheroes saved the day as the DC Comics adaptation earned 67 million, a record for The Rock up to this point in his career.

But it was “Ticket to Paradise,” the rom-com that reunited George Clooney and Julia Roberts, that arguably won the day.”Black Adam” is directed by Jaume Collet-Serra and carries a massive 195 million price tag.

Unfortunately, that kind of inflated budget is becoming all too common for these big blockbusters.

In any event,

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