China’s ‘Bad Kids’ Series Set for Film Remake in Japan – Global Bulletin

‘Bad Kids’ Are As Good As ‘Gold’“The Bad Kids,” a hit series from Chinese streamer iQiyi, is to be remade as a Japanese feature film “Gold Boy.” The 12-episode gritty crime thriller depicts the troubles that arise after three children accidentally film a murder.

The series was previously licensed to Japanese pay-tv group Wowow.The film is to be directed by Kaneko Shusuke, director of two of the hit “Death Note” franchise films, with screenwriter Minato Takehiko, producer Yoshida Takio (Venice Silver Lion winner with “Zatoichi the Blind Swordsman”), and lead actor Okada Masaki (“Drive My Car”) on board.Variety previously shortlisted the original series as being among the 15 best international TV series of 2020.

The series was adapted from the novel of the same name by Chinese suspense writer Chen Zijin and presented by iQIYI and co-produced by Eternity Pictures, with Han Sanping, former head of China Film Group,

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