China’s cinemas sputter back to life with ‘A First Farewell’, rereleases

Universal’s Dolittle and Sony’s Bloodshot are both scheduled to open this weekend.China’s theatrical market showed its first signs of life in nearly six months on Monday (July 20), the day on which authorities finally allowed cinemas to reopen in “low-risk areas” across the country.Total box office had surpassed $460,000 (RMB3.22m) as of 17:00 local time, with Lina Wang’s award-winning A First Farewell, a coming-of-age story set among the Uyghur community, topping the chart with $160,000 (RMB1.1m).Most of the other films opening today are rereleases, including US titles Coco, The Pursuit Of Happyness and A Dog’s Purpose,

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