Claire Foy Movies Need More Moments Where She Shouts for Justice

Trigger Warning: The following contains references to and discussions of sexual assault.One of the moviegoing moments I’ll never forget came while watching the trailer for First Man in a theater for the first time and seeing Claire Foy’s big moment within this piece of marketing.

Now, having not seen The Crown, I wasn’t an expert on Foy’s acting style (though I’d already seen her in Unsane), so the sheer power she conveyed in her most prominent scene in First Man’s trailer just knocked me sideways.

Talking to a bunch of NASA higher-ups, we see Claire Foy shouting “You’re a bunch of Boys! You don’t have any idea what you’re doing!” Everything about her firebrand line delivery was unforgettable, especially the way she just chewed up and spat out the word “boys.”

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