‘Coda’ Has Changed Oscar Movies’ Release Strategies Forever

In analyzing how “Coda” achieved its Best Picture win, we must face a discomfiting reality: Beyond Oscar qualification, theatrical play had very little to do with its success.Most years, winning Best Picture includes a careful effort by its distributor to make it hit.

Recent winners such as “Parasite” and “Green Book” played theaters during the campaigning period and it served as a proof of concept: Audiences responded.

In earlier years, lower-grossing winners like “The Hurt Locker” (an early-year release) and “Moonlight” (strong for an independent film dealing with challenging themes) got credit for doing better than expected.This year, all Oscar contenders had some theatrical life.

“Coda” was one of three Best Picture nominees to have same-day openings in theaters, along with “Dune” and “King Richard”.

Focus Features’ “Belfast” went to PVOD after four weeks.

These truncated release schedules upended the classic pattern for receiving voter attention and maximizing grosses: Start with platform,

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