Duffer Brothers to Digitally Fix ‘Stranger Things’ Birthday Error by ‘George Lucas-ing the Situation’

Whenever a highly anticipated film or TV season comes out, it inevitably gets scrutinized by fans, and errors that may have otherwise gone unnoticed rise to the surface.

Such was the case when “Stranger Things” dropped its first batch of episodes last month.In one episode, fans noticed that a calendar showed the date was March 22.

But in Season 2, Joyce (Winona Ryder) mentions that March 22 is her son Will’s birthday.

Nobody acknowledges or celebrates Will’s birthday in Season 4, but it would be out of character for his mother and all of his friends to completely forget Will’s birthday.

The Duffer Brothers quickly apologized for the continuity error, and in a new interview with Variety, they spoke about their plans to rectify the situation.“It’s too sad!” Matt Duffer said in an interview.

“And it doesn’t make any narrative sense.

But we were talking about it yesterday,

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