‘Dune’ vs. ‘Dune’: Why David Lynch’s Version Is a Lot More Fun Than Denis Villeneuve’s

Hear me out on this: David Lynch’s “Dune” is a lot of fun — and, compared to the self-serious posturing of Denis Villeneuve’s new version, it’s a ridiculous blast.For years, the popular assumption has been that Lynch’s 1984 version got “Dune” wrong, while the hype surrounding Denis Villeneuve’s own adaptation is that he got it right.

In a recent interview with The New York Times, Villeneuve said that he approached the seemingly cursed endeavor of bringing Frank Herbert’s 1965 space epic to the big screen, it was “about the book, the book, the book.” He added that Lynch’s attempt, much like Alejandro Jodoworsky’s unrealized production years earlier, suffered from a fatal flaw.

“I don’t know if he was really interested by ‘Dune,’” Villeneuve said, so much as his own predilections as a filmmaker.Yet that’s exactly what makes the earlier “Dune” so

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