Ezra Miller Won’t Be Cut from ‘Dalíland,’ Says Director: ‘Nothing Bad Happened During Our Filming’

Ezra Miller had no issues on the set of TIFF closing night premiere “Dalíland,” as the persistence of memory goes to show.Director Mary Harron (“American Psycho”) had Miller, who stars as a younger version of Salvador Dalí in the movie, in mind for over a decade to star in the biopic.

“At that point, the producers and everyone were saying, ‘Well, you can’t cast them because they’re not a big enough star,’” Harron told Vanity Fair.

“And then a year later they were too big a star and had to drop out because they got ‘Fantastic Beasts,’ and then later got ‘The Flash.’”Harron added, “They stayed very loyal to the project for years, even when other people dropped out right and left because of schedule changes and the pandemic.”Rumors of Miller being cut from the film arose after their name was not included

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