‘Fatal Affair’ Review: Netflix Goes Flaccid with an Erotic Thriller Starring Nia Long

the greatest assets of Peter Sullivan’s “Fatal Affair” are stars Nia Long and Omar Epps.

They keep this from looking and feeling like a limp Lifetime movie knockoff, but Sullivan himself hails from the wide world of Lifetime and Hallmark moviemaking (including no less than a dozen directorial efforts with the word “Christmas” in their titles).And yet, armed with the freedom that Netflix backing should bring — aka not needing to worry about keeping things broadcast-friendly — Sullivan and co-writer Rasheeda Garner don’t so much as bust out of the genre box as dig into it.

Opening with a double murder, the film somewhat makes good on its “fatal” promise.

The “affair” part? Not so much.Cut from the same cloth as dozens of other erotic thrillers — theatrical hits “Fatal Attraction” and “Obsessed” as well as scores of made-for-tv outings — Sullivan’s film follows a predictable pattern, with a

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