‘Frozen 2’ Teases Disney Potential to Rattle the Rigid Windows of Film Biz

Debate just how deep the impact coronavirus will be on the U.S.

economy in the coming weeks, but even the best-case scenario is bleak for a broad range of industries.It’s an awful truth that is just beginning to hit home in the movie industry, where audiences fearing contagion are staying away in droves, if the rapidly declining box-office figures of the past two weekends are any indication.

Over 100 theaters became the first in the U.S.

to shut their doors in recent days, and studios are indefinitely postponing the releases of hugely anticipated films including MGM’s “No Time to Die” and Universal’s “Fast & Furious 9.”Disney is not immune either, having rescheduled several titles lined up for the coming months, including “Mulan,” “The New Mutants” and “Antlers.” But the company didn’t retreat on all fronts.Its new streaming service, Disney Plus, released “Frozen 2

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