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Hans Zimmer’s ‘Dune’ Soundtrack Is “Driving Everybody Crazy,” Ensuring I Will Buy Several Copies

Veteran composer Hans Zimmer is getting experimental with his score for Denis Villeneuve’s highly-anticipated Dune adaptation, to the point where it’s apparently pissing people off. In an interview with Variety, Zimmer discussed a number of the projects he’s been working on, including the science fiction epic and the latest James Bond film No Time to […]

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‘Trolls World Tour’ Opens at #1 at Amazon Prime, and at the Weekend Box Office

This weekend was meant to host “No Time to Die” (United Artists), which would have likely opened to $100 million+ domestic. When that became the first release to reschedule, “Trolls World Tour” (Universal) moved up a week to Easter — and then, to become the first film to debut on VOD. Four weeks later, it […]

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What to Watch on Lockdown: 14 James Bond Alternatives to Take the Place of Delayed ‘No Time to Die’

Coronavirus. It sounds like the title of a classic Bond movie, à la “GoldenEye,” “Moonraker” or “Octopussy.”April 10 was supposed to see the release of Bond’s latest adventure, “No Time to Die.” Instead, action fans are stuck at home, an invisible villain is threatening world domination, and 007 has done the unthinkable: He’s chickened out […]

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Lionsgate’s ‘Saw’ Reboot, Janelle Monae’s ‘Antebellum,’ Pulled From Theatrical Release

Lionsgate has joined the parade of releases pulled from theatrical release due to the coronavirus pandemic, pulling the Chris Rock-Samuel L. Jackson “Saw” reboot, Janelle Monae’s “Antebellum” and Sarah Paulson’s “Run.”Lionsgate made the moves on Tuesday, in the wake of Disney-Marvel pulling its Scarlett Johansson superhero adventure “Black Widow,” from its May 1 slot, The […]

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‘Frozen 2’ Teases Disney Potential to Rattle the Rigid Windows of Film Biz

Debate just how deep the impact coronavirus will be on the U.S. economy in the coming weeks, but even the best-case scenario is bleak for a broad range of industries.It’s an awful truth that is just beginning to hit home in the movie industry, where audiences fearing contagion are staying away in droves, if the […]

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Fantastic Beasts 3 Set To Start Filming On Monday Despite Coronavirus

The list of movie and TV productions that are being halted, delayed or scrapped due to the sweeping Coronavirus pandemic is growing bigger by the day. The latest James Bond adventure No Time to Die was the first major blockbuster to get pushed back, and since then the likes of Mulan, Shang-Chi and the Legend […]

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