George Takei Speaks Out on ‘Star Trek’ Feud with William Shatner: He’s a ‘Cantankerous Old Man’

George Takei is done playing William Shatner’s game.The “Star Trek” alums have been part of a very public feud for over 50 years, and Takei seemingly put it to bed by alluding to Shatner as a “prima donna” on set.When asked by The Guardian if Takei got along with his fellow “Star Trek: The Original Series” stars, the actor answered, “Yes.



Except for one, who was a prima donna.

But the rest of us shared a great camaraderie.”Takei continued, “One of the gifts from ‘Star Trek’ was not just longevity but colleagues that became lasting friends.

My colleagues were part of my wedding party in 2008.

Walter Koenig, who played Chekov, was my best man.

We asked Nichelle [Nichols, communications officer Uhura] to be our matron of honor but she said: ‘I am not a matron! If Walter can be the best man, why can’t I be the best lady?

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