Hear me out: why Deep Rising isn’t a bad movie

The latest in our series of writers defending movies hated by most is a plea to reconsider a boisterously entertaining B-movie horrorDeep Rising, Stephen Sommers’ second-best film, opened a year prior to The Mummy, his best film, and met dismissive poo-pooing from critics: “Alien meets Titanic”, read the negative notices.

A couple of positive notices made the same comparison, but in the understanding that it’s a feature and not a bug; it’s worth pointing out, too, that Alien, a paragon of horror and science-fiction film-making, is itself the product of mashed-up influences, a film that Dan O’Bannon stole, in his words, not from “anybody” but “everybody”: Mario Bava, Christopher Nyby, Fred M Wilcox, EC Comics.

Frankly, it’s faster to list the sources Alien didn’t borrow from.Related: Hear me out: why Coneheads isn’t a bad movie

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