Horror Movie ‘The Wretched’ Takes In $186,000 as Drive-In Theaters Gain Popularity

IFC’s horror movie “The Wretched” is leading the small weekend box office with an estimated $186,000 at 59 movie theaters.

It drew a respectable $3,153 per theater average during the Friday-Sunday period.Currently, 348 of the 5,400 North American theaters are open, including 169 drive-ins, according to Comscore.

Last week, only 21 drive-ins were open, marking a significant rise in their popularity and accessibility during the coronavirus crisis.

Most movie theaters across the country are still closed due to the virus outbreak.

IFC is the only distributor reporting box office totals this weekend.“The Wretched,” which premiered at the 2019 Fantasia International Film Festival, has scared up a total of $548,609 since launching on May 1 at 11 drive-ins, including the Mission Tiki in Montclair, Calif., where it had an informal premiere.

Written and directed by Brett Pierce and Drew T.

Pierce, “The Wretched” follows a young boy who discovers an evil witch in the nearby woods.

The cast include John-Paul Howard,

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