Home Movies: ‘Something Wild,’ a Blast From the Past That Previewed the Future (Column)

There’s a fascinating game of movie fandom that goes like this:“What’s the greatest movie of [that year] or [that decade] that never got the love, or the reputation, that it deserved?” If you’re talking about the 1980s, I wouldn’t hesitate to say that it’s Jonathan Demme’s “Something Wild.”You’ve probably heard of it, and have probably never seen it.

It came out near the end of 1986, and though it received a handful of good reviews, along with some fairly hostile ones, the movie was basically ignored.

No one was buzzing about it; no one was seeking it out.

Its two stars, Jeff Daniels and Melanie Griffith, connected on camera in a way that should have propelled each of them into the stratosphere, but the power of that spark never made it onto the cultural radar.

As the villain, the film featured a seethingly handsome young actor

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