House of the Dragon Episode 7’s Lighting Problem Did a Disservice to the Acting

Editor’s note: The below contains mild spoilers for Episode 7 of House of the Dragon.After episodes that packed many stunning visuals that we could actually see in all their glory, the most recent episode of House of the Dragon, “Driftmark,” was a major step down in quality when it came to visibility.

For many who were trying to make sense of what was going on, there was a fear that something may have been wrong with the televisions on which we were watching the show.

However, it was quickly understood that something was seriously off in the way all of this was constructed.

While there have been similar concerns about lighting that had been raised about the original Game of Thrones series many years ago, this proved to be a rather unfortunate low point that hasn’t been seen before in what has largely been a well-presented season.

It is hard

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