Shaun of the Dead, the Power of Friendship, and the Pain of Growing Up

At the core of Edgar Wright’s horror-comedy Shaun of the Dead is a message: growing up can be a bit of a nightmare, but with the right friends by your side, it might just be okay.

For emotionally-stunted slackers everywhere, the film is a rallying cry to arms.

It isn’t and can’t be enough to wade through life in complete indifference.

Occasionally you have to show up for those that need you.

The film, which is equal parts a satire of the zombie genre and an outright celebration of it, is also a damn fine comedy film, one with a hell of a lot of heart to boot.

Equal parts Dawn of the Dead and Wright’s own Spaced, Shaun of the Dead is gruesome, funny, and quite often poignant.

By the time the credits roll, two things will be clear: there’s something truly special about the power of friendship,

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