How Amy Poehler Brought the Love to Documentary ‘Lucy and Desi’

Every woman in comedy idolizes Lucille Ball — and the men should, too — but Amy Poehler got to make a movie about her.

Long an accomplished comedian, actress, producer, and director, it’s no surprise that Poehler knocked it out of the park with her first documentary directing job, the warmhearted and jam-packed “Lucy and Desi.” Though she was initially apprehensive to tackle such an oversaturated subject, Poehler was determined to make her mark with a unique angle on the beloved pair.

What makes “Lucy and Desi” stand out from most biopics is its focus on Ball’s underlying humanity, including her dedication to family and relationship with her husband, “I Love Lucy” star and producer Desi Arnaz.“One of the things I started thinking about early on was this idea that they are so famous and funny and successful, but over the years, they’ve kind of become very 2D.

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