Jeffrey Wright Says His ‘The Batman’ Character Was Inspired by New York Mayor Eric Adams

Robert Pattinson wasn’t the only actor with big shoes to fill when “The Batman” hit theaters this weekend.

The DC Comics franchise is so beloved that nearly every supporting character has been played before by esteemed actors, and fans were eager to compare the new cast to their predecessors.Jeffrey Wright, who plays Gotham City Police Commissioner Jim Gordon in Matt Reeves’ film, told The Hollywood Reporter that he eventually watched several previous Batman movies during a Covid-induced quarantine toward the end of filming but wasn’t particularly interested in other actors who played Commissioner Gordon, most recently Gary Oldman.Wright preferred to read comic books to learn his character’s history and then looked to prominent, real-world Black police figures to find inspiration.

One prominent influence: New York City mayor and former NYPD captain Eric Adams.“[Adams] first came to my attention back in the ’90s during these major

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