How Animated Short ‘The Windshield Wiper’ Influenced ‘Into the Spider-Verse’

Before “Spider-Man-into-the-Spider-verse-2019-movie-posters/”>Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse” smashed through CG animation barriers and won the Oscar, there was Spanish animator Alberto Mielgo.

Hired very early on to serve as a production designer on “Spider-Verse,” the influence of Mielgo’s work can be seen throughout the final film, including the standout “leap of faith” moment for which he provided early storyboards.

While working on “Spider-Verse,” Mielgo made a short called “The Windshield Wiper,” which he says influenced a lot of the work he did on the superhero film.

It has been Oscar shortlisted and is available online at Short of the Week’s YouTube Channel through February 8.“Both films have the same art source, so they fed off each other,” said Mielgo.

“I was working on ‘The Windshield Wiper’ a couple of years before I joined Sony for ‘Spider-Man’ and worked on the short on and off during my time there, so I

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