How Jurassic Park III Created The Roar Of The Spinosaurus

Few moments in “Jurassic Park” film history have ruffled feathers — and not of the dinosaur variety — quite like the scene where a Spinosaurus fights and kills a Tyrannosaurus rex in “Jurassic Park III.” This was meant to be a way of announcing the Spinosaurus as the next Big Bad of the franchise, a carnivore so powerful even the T-rex couldn’t defeat it.

Years later, though, many people remain firmly Team Tyrannosaurus when it comes to the reigning champ among meat-eating dinos.Be you Team Tyrannosaurus or Team Spinosaurus, “Jurassic Park III” does a fine job of bringing both dinosaurs to life using a blend of convincing animatronics and CGI.

But it’s not just the visuals that sell them; it’s the sounds they produce that make you really believe these are living, breathing creatures on the lookout for a tasty human sandwich.

Actually creating the roars for these extinct reptiles is no small task,

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