How Many Emmys Should ‘Succession’ Actually Win? A Category-by-Category Breakdown

The Emmys catch a lot of flack for narrow and repetitious voting patterns — consistently nominating the same shows at the expense of new and overlooked programs — but credit where credit is due, the TV Academy did (mostly) right by dramas this year.

The consensus pick among TV critics for 2021’s best series, “Succession,” landed 25 nominations, and their second-highest ranked drama, “Squid Game,” pulled in 14.

This year’s best reviewed show, “Better Call Saul,” is nominated for Best Drama Series, among other notable recognitions, while one of the best new shows (some would say the best show of the year so far), “Severance,” broke through with 14 nominations of its own.

Even an out-there, maybe-too-intense-for-Emmy-voters drama like “Yellowjackets” snagged multiple nominations in marquee categories.Still, the Emmys aren’t only accused of having tunnel vision when it comes to nominees.

So, who should win? Really.

It’s a subjective question, but one that still requires some thought.

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