How ‘Oppenheimer’ and Christopher Nolan’s Oscar Prospects Dramatically Improve With ‘Dune 2’ Moving to 2024

The Oscar race got a shake-up this week, with Warner Bros.

officially moving “Dune: Part Two” to 2024.

It’s a game-changing move that could benefit the summer’s second-highest blockbuster “Oppenheimer.” The two seemed destined to dance in several artisan races at the upcoming Academy Awards.I agree with the move by WB to move “Dune 2.” Why have its auteur director Denis Villeneuve, shockingly snubbed for the first entry, being forced to go toe-to-toe with several cinema masters? Sequels in franchises missed a directing nom before the third installment swept the next ceremony.The first “Dune” walked away with six Oscars — production design, cinematography, film editing, sound, visual effects and original score.

Based on the trailer and early buzz, the second installment would likely be competitive once again in those same races (perhaps even more).

With “Oppenheimer,” Nolan assembles another dynamite team of talented artists, all competitive in those same races.

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