How to Watch the 2022 Cannes Award Ceremony Live Stream

The last day of the 2022 Cannes Film Festival is finally here, but while all of the festival’s top films have already screened, the action is just getting started.The festival has been buzzing with awards rumors since the lineup was announced, with attendees and armchair cinephiles trying to guess this year’s Palme d’Or winner.

While predicting the behavior of a Cannes jury is often an exercise in futility, that hasn’t stopped anyone from trying.

Competition is stiff this year, with legendary filmmakers competing against Cannes regulars and bold new voices for the festival’s top prizes.“Crimes of the Future,” David Cronenberg’s return to Cannes after an eight-year hiatus from filmmaking (and an even longer hiatus from his trademark body horror), was one of the buzziest titles on the lineup, and the film’s strong reviews suggest that the 79-year-old director will be tough to beat.

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