‘I stopped being a person I liked’: Lena Dunham on time out, rehab and marriage

After five years out of the limelight, actor and director Lena Dunham is back.

She talks about her hit series Girls – that made her both the voice of a generation and a lightning rod for criticism – and her new filmIt was a decade ago, at the sharpest peak of Lena Dunham’s fame, while her show, Girls, was being heralded as a masterpiece and Dunham herself as the voice of her generation, when producers asked what she’d like to make next.

Anything, they said.

Something feminist with guns maybe? Something radically erotic? A romcom perhaps, with nipples in it? No, she said.

“I want to make a movie about a medieval child who gets her period.” She smiles at me, somewhat primly.That movie, Catherine Called Birdy, a comedy based on a YA novel, comes out this week and happens to coincide with the release of another film by Dunham,

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