Idris Elba Reignites Hopes for ‘Luther’ Movie: ‘We Are This Close to Making a Film’

British star Idris Elba has once again teased the prospect of a feature film version of popular BBC TV series “Luther,” according to Sky News.“There isn’t a real formal plan for ‘Luther’ at the moment,” Elba said.

“I’ve made it very clear that I’d like to see ‘Luther’ come back as a film.

And I can tell you this, that we are this close to making a film of ‘Luther.’”Elba was speaking at a virtual event to promote the third season of his semi-autobiographical show “In The Long Run,” created by and starring him, that will be available on Sky One from July 22.

Jimmy Akingbola, Madeline Appiah and Bill Bailey star alongside Elba.Beginning in 2010, “Luther,” created by Neil Cross, has completed five seasons on the BBC.

It features Elba as the titular detective.

Elba has won two Golden Globes and a Royal Television

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