Palm Springs review – goofy time-loop romcom recycles reckless pleasures

A scrappy final act stops this Groundhog Day-esque Sundance record-breaker from being a showstopper, but there’s plenty of fun to be had on the wayThroughout this confounding and unsettling time, trapped indoors as a deadly pandemic rages, many of us have found ourselves compulsively and eerily gorging on films that confront the practicalities and horrors involved with some sort of now all-too-familiar apocalypse.

Not just those that suddenly seem timely, like viral thriller turned convincing docudrama Contagion, but also those that cover similar global panic and ultimately togetherness in the face of natural disasters, alien invasion and other earth-shaking events.

What’s happening outside has made the fantastical stories playing out inside seem that much closer, that much easier to identify with, a world of Hollywood make-believe blurring into real life.Related: Desperados review – hit-and-miss Netflix comedy offers throwaway summer fun

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