‘In the Heights’: How They Danced Up the Side of a Building

It seems like a visual effect, a piece of gravity defying wizardry created in a computer.

But it’s not.Nina (Leslie Grace) and Benny (Corey Hawkins), in a quiet moment between two young lovers about be apart, dance up the side of a Washington Heights apartment building in the Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers-inspired musical number “When the Sun Goes Down.”“In the Heights” director Jon M.

Chu was recently a guest on the Filmmaker Toolkit podcast to discuss the scene (and others).

Below is a thorough oral history of “When the Sun Goes Down” with Chu, cinematographer Alice Brooks, and choreographer Christopher Scott, who for the first time were permitted to go into full detail of the behind-the-scenes details of how they created the magical scene.Chu, Brooks, and Scott have been collaborating on creating onscreen musical dance for over a decade, dating back to the “Step Up

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