Is DC’s Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom a superhero movie out of time?

On the surface the forthcoming sequel looks capable of knocking everyone’s head off, but rumours of reshoots and walkouts suggest otherwiseIf Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom were a song, it might be Nickelback’s How You Remind Me.

The Canadian rock band delivered an ersatz, MTV-friendly grunge-style anthem the best part of a decade after the early 90s genre had lost all of its grit and vitality.

The superhero sequel arrives with the entire comic book universe in which it once existed having been subject to a major reset after James Gunn took the reins of the newly rebranded DC Universe.

Arthur Curry’s old mucker Batfleck is probably gone forever (though there are reports that both he and Michael Keaton’s dark knight shot scenes for the film) and Ezra Miller’s Flash has reset the multiverse so violently that it would hardly be surprising to…

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