‘It Chapter Two’: How Jessica Chastain Made the Bloodiest Horror Scene Ever

When “It Chapter Two” director Andy Muschietti wanted to raise the blood quotient for grownup Bev in the sequel, Jessica Chastain was so enthusiastic that she insisted on making it “‘Carrie’ on steroids.” Thus, for the scene where Bev gets engulfed by blood in the high school bathroom stall, the late special effects coordinator Warren Appleby (who died last summer in a tragic car stunt shooting the “Titans” Season 2 premiere) had a record 5,000 gallons of fake blood trucked from Los Angeles to Toronto.That’s twice as much as the fake blood used for Bev’s (Sophia Lillis) horrifying bathroom sink eruption in the original movie.

And, going back further, a lot more than the 200-plus gallons of fake blood needed for the iconic bloody elevator shot in “The Shining.” Not surprisingly, though, the two-minute scene was a nightmare to shoot for “It Chapter Two” cinematographer Checco Varese, who wondered:

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