John Carpenter Was On A Tight Deadline To Create Halloween’s Signature Score

As far as horror movie scores are concerned, few are as iconic as John Carpenter’s synth-driven masterpiece for “Halloween.” The movie’s main theme — that ominous tinkling of the piano — is so powerful that not only does it bring to mind scenes of a menacing Michael Myers stalking Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis), but it has also solidified itself as essential October listening whether you’re a fan of the “Halloween” franchise or not.The soundtrack is iconic not just for its killer sound, but also because of how it came to be.

Carpenter himself created the music solely out of necessity — the film’s minuscule budget didn’t have much to spend on the soundtrack — by putting his own musical talents to good use.

At the time, he wasn’t a bonafide composer by any means, but he managed to pull together an infectiously impressive score that frightens just as much as it gets stuck in your head.

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