Keanu Reeves Ended ‘John Wick 4’ Filming by Giving His Stunt Team the ‘Best Wrap Gift Ever’

With beloved action franchises such as “The Matrix” and “John Wick” under his belt, Keanu Reeves knows the importance of stunt workers more than most actors.

As reported by People magazine, the actor marked the end of production on “John Wick 4” by gifting the film’s four-man stunt team personalized Rolex Submariner watches as a thank you for their hard work on the upcoming action tentpole.

Reeves’ stunt team on the film was made up of Bruce Concepcion, Jeremy Marinas, Dave Camarillo, and Li Qiang.Per People magazine: “The inside of each watch was engraved with personal messages to each individual from the actor.

Marinas shared a look at the watches in his Instagram Stories, calling it the ‘best wrap gift ever’ and revealing his watch read ‘The John Wick Five’ along with the message, ‘Jeremy Thank you Keanu JW4 2021.’”“John Wick 4” once again reunites Reeves with director Chad Stahelski,

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