Kumail Nanjiani: ‘Eternals’ Weight Loss Heightened My ‘Unhealthy’ Relationship with Food

Kumail Nanjiani has eternally had a “weird relationship” with food and diet culture, but Marvel’s “Eternals” marked a turning point for the actor.While Nanjiani underwent a physical transformation to play a god superhero in the 2021 film, he had to come to terms with long-lingering issues related to food consumption.“Growing up, I was sort of raised to believe that the body was bad, that all of the body’s desires are bad, and that the soul wants goodness and the body wants bad.

And so I guess my entire sense of humor is based around that dichotomy, too,” Nanjiani told NPR.

“So the fact that I didn’t like any body jokes was because since I was a little kid, I was taught to sort of be ashamed that everything my body wants or does.”The “Welcome to Chippendales” actor added, “It’s really cruel that we had

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