‘The Leech’ Review: The Biblical Is Made Brutal

Though the Christmas season comes every year, there regrettably aren’t a lot of holiday horror movies out there.

Thus, whenever there is the rare occasion where some new ones come out, they stand out just based on their mere existence.

However, only some manage to rise to the top.

Just this week there is the middling reimagining of Dr.

Seuss’s How the Grinch Stole Christmas that is The Mean One and the murderous Robo Santa romp Christmas Bloody Christmas.

While there is good fun to be had in the latter, neither can compare to the experience of Eric Pennycoff’s The Leech.

Though it lacks a premise that allows it to play around with some of the more iconic holiday characters that we are all familiar with, it is still a Christmas movie through and through that puts a twist on a classically biblical story.

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