Local Titles Cushion Nordic Box Office Plunge in 2020

Due to Covid-19 cinema lockdowns or restrictions, box office in the Nordic region plummeted in 2020 year-on-year by 64% in Sweden, 57.6% in Iceland, 57% in Norway, 54% in Finland, and 47% in Denmark.The dearth of new U.S .tentpoles, combined with strong domestic titles such as “Another Round,” allowed homegrown movies to punch all-time record market shares in Denmark (50.4%), Finland (41.1%) and Norway (35.6%).The biggest U.S.

hit across the Nordics was Disney’s “Frozen 2,” which continued to perform strongly in early 2020 after its Christmas 2019 opening.Denmark: The Year of ‘Another Round’Thomas Vinterberg’s Oscar contender and 2020 champion “Another Round” figured among a handful of national titles that saved the Danish cinema year and mitigated Covid-19’s impact on cinemagoing.National box office sank 47% to Dkk 630 million ($101 million) off 7.2 million ticket sales in 2020.

This compares to 13.2 million admissions for a gross box office value of Dkk 1.18 billion ($190 million) in 2019, according to preliminary data

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